Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review of the Plus Pos MAG-T Magnesium Umpire Mask

Readers of the Midwest Ump blog know that I have been a fan of the Champro Pro-Plus Magnesium Umpire Mask (CM58) for several years. The Champro Magnesium was named 2009 UMPY Award Traditional Mask of the Year. Recently, I discovered a magnesium umpire mask coated in silver offered by Plus Pos. I had to have this mask, so I purchased it in May.

The Plus Pos MAG-T Magnesium Umpire Mask is identical in dimensions and weight to the Champro Pro-Plus Magnesium (CM-58). The only difference is the silver powder coat. Wow, that makes for a short review. These magnesium masks are the lightest I have tested.

The Plus Pos MAG-T arrived with a set of black and charcoal pads and Jim Evans’ facsimile signature. These pads weigh six ounces, two ounces heavier than the Champro pads. The MAG-T with pads and harness weighs 17.5 ounces (obviously two ounces heavier than the Champro). The Jim Evans pads are made of Dura Leather.

Dura Leather is recycled leather. One site compared Dura Leather and leather to hamburger and steak. Hamburger is just ground-up steak. To make Dura Leather, leather remnants are recycled down to the natural fibers and reassembled in a web fashion like top grain leather. The fibers are pressure bonded with a polymer.

The Jim Evans Dura Leather signature pads are durable and soft. They are not wrap-around pads. I expected a slick feel, but the pads were not slick and surprisingly comfortable. While I like the feel of these pads, I don’t care for promotion, which reminds me of a NASCAR ad. So I swapped a set of tan MacGregor pads for the Dura Leather pads. I think it looks good.

The silver powder coating is a bit shiny, more so than the Wilson titanium or Diamond iX3 coatings. The coating quickly shows any marks, so care is required when using or storing this mask.

Where to Buy
The Plus Pos MAG-T Magnesium Umpire Mask is available exclusively from the Plus Pos website for $99.95. Since purchasing my MAG-T, Plus Pos has offered magnesium masks with different padding, including tan or black doe skin for $125.

Fair or Foul?
I think highly of magnesium masks. I have been wearing the Champro CM-58 as my first choice for two years and I am very happy with it. The Plus Pos MAG-T appears to be identical to the Champro CM-58, except for the silver powder coat. This mask is very cool, and I am very happy with my purchase. My call is FAIR!


Anonymous said...

u judged it fair...cause u had to purchase it..if it was a freebie u would be endorsing this mask alot more.some things never change

Anonymous said...

Oh..Oh..wait for it...it's coming...if only it was sold at Ump-attire.com it would have won an UMPY Award...

I guess since he used only fair or foul you would have rather have him call it..dead ball or foul tip when it goes to the screen...some thing do never change.

I wonder if the silver coating would help with corrosion? That has been the only thing I don't like about my Mag rig....


Anonymous said...

I bought this mask three weeks ago. I have used nine times behind the plate and got hit on Wednesday with 90mph foul tip. I didnt feel a thing. The mask weighs 17oz. Great mask. Also, i got hit with a fastball foul shot right in the heart area of my Honigs K1 chest protector.Guess what.I never felt anything.First time being hit in one year in the chest. Great protector the Honigs K1. And i never bought either one of them from Ump Attire.