Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Midwest Ump Turns Fashion Police

The first requirement of the umpire's uniform is that it is, well, uniform. Like those fellas at the left, uniforms should match. Good job matching guys!

After that first requirement has been met, some associations or leagues require the umpire to dress in a certain uniform. The basic umpire uniform always includes black shoes and a black belt. The uniform is also comprised of a hat, a shirt, pants, and a ball bag for the plate umpire. Pants are ordinarily a shade of gray, either charcoal or heather, however some groups wear navy.

Some of us less fashion aware umpires struggle with color combinations. To help with questions about matching your hat to your shirt to your ball bag, Midwest Ump has pulled some photos of umpires wearing different uniform color combinations. We all have our personal preferences, but hopefully these photos will help give you an idea on how these colors work (or perhaps do not work) together. Click on the pictures below for a more detailed view:

[Left] Black hat, black shirt, black ball bags is today's classic professional umpire uniform

[Right] Black hat, polo blue shirt, black ball bags is another professional umpire uniform standard

[Left] Navy hat, navy shirt, gray ball bags

[Right] Black hat, navy shirt, black ball bags

[Left] Navy hat, navy jackey, navy ball bags

[Right] Black hat, navy jacket, gray ball bags

[Left] Navy hat, powder blue shirt, navy ball bags

[Right] Black hat, powder blue shirt, black ball bags

[Left] Navy hat, red shirt, navy ball bags

[Right] Black hat, cream shirt

[Left] Navy hat, powder blue shirt, gray ball bags

[Right] Black hat, gray shirt


Anonymous said...

Of course you forgot to mention the most important item when listing the combos in the photos. 3rd photo down on the left side is an umpire sporting the MOST important item and umpire can posses...the mask hook!!!

Never saw one in action, classic.


Bill said...

I hope you aren't saying that umpires with matching shirts look good. Both of them have their shirts not tucked in. It looks sloppy, especially when the home plate umpire has his hat backwards. Way to make sure that they make the rest of us look bad.

Pete Reiser said...

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.
-Oscar Wilde

In the future I will endeavor to write intelligent and witty observations and avoid self-indulgent sarcastic remarks that are lost on some of this readership.

Oh, crap! I'm being sarcastic again!