Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Video Review: Wilson Titanium Face Mask

My first video review now on YouTube!!!

Yes, it is amateurish. Yes the video/audio is sub-par. However, the information is good and the video is adequate to give you a good look at the Wilson titanium (wta3009blti). A more complete review of the Wilson titanium can be found here.

Look for more video reviews in the future!


Alex said...

Pete, thank you for your hard work and video review. Looking forward to more as this certainly gives umpires a clearer view of the items being reviewed.

Maybe not so much on the Nutty Buddy, but most other things!

Pete Reiser said...

Alex, thanks for the comment. I look forward to making more video reviews in the future.


Anonymous said...

WARNING!!! Wilson currently dosen't make replacement pads that fit this mask.....I bought last season with the all-black pads that is an exclusive at ump-attire.com. The pads fadded and I wanted to replace this season...the stardard all black pads don't fit the mask, so I'm stuck using faded pads for another season and will have to get a entire new mask in a year or so unless wilson corrects this mistake. At the $$$ this mask costs, I was hoping to get 6-10 years out of it with only replacing the pads...Now who knows..