Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Umpire Quotes

"One of the really wrong theories about officiating is that a good official is one you never notice. The umpire who made that statement was probably a real poor official who tried to get his paycheck and hide behind his partners and stay out of trouble all his life. Control of the ballgame is the difference between umpires that show up for the players and the managers."
- National League Umpire Bruce Froemming

"The best thing about umpiring is seeing the best in baseball every day. The cardinal rule of umpiring is to follow the ball wherever it goes. Well, if you watch the ball, you can't help seeing somebody make a great catch... That's what makes umpiring so much fun."
- National League Umpire Shag Crawford

"They expect an umpire to be perfect on Opening Day and to improve as the season goes on."
- American League Umpire Nestor Chylak

"If a visitor could go inside [the umpires' dressing room], he would see three guys laughing, joking, daintily nibbling on pate de foie gras while a fourth was quietly throwing up. Guess which one has the plate?"
- American League Umpire Ron Luciano

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