Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hero of the Day: Umpire Marty York

One definition of a hero is a person who steps up to the plate during a critical moment. Marty York should know all about that, he's a baseball umpire in middle Tennessee. He steps to the plate during critical moments all the time. But what makes Marty today's Hero of the Day is what happened just outside the diamond, at a youth field parking lot. At this critical moment it was life or death.

On April 26, eight year old Maddox Greathouse was playing baseball at a Franklin, TN sports complex. Maddox's mother was at another field watching another son play. Suddenly, a tornadic storm blew in bringing torrential rains and high winds. The storm sent children and parents running for their cars. Maddox was searching for his mother in the rain when longtime youth umpire Marty York scooped up the youngster just before a nearby car flipped over at the spot where the boy had been standing.

Marty was recognized at a special ceremony at the Franklin complex, and Maddox gave Marty a plaque for his heroic actions before hundreds of cheering parents.You know what Marty said about his heroic deed? "He was a brave kid that I just scooped up out of the rain and God did the rest."

GREAT JOB, MARTY! You deserve all the praise for your heroic act!

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