Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Preseason: Basic Umpire Mechanics

Practicing mechanics will make you a better umpire. Below is a list of basic plate mechanics to practice to prepare for the upcoming season. These basic mechanics can be practiced with minimal space in your home (so wait until your wife is out shopping and then scare the dog with your umpire voice!). This list is not exhaustive, and is meant to cover only common mechanics.

Practice proper plate mechanics while going through this list. That means footwork, stance, proper use of eyes, and good timing. Wear a hat and mask. A full length mirror can give you feedback with your mechanics.

Warm Up
1.                  Routine Safe
2.                  Emphatic Safe
3.                  Routine Out
4.                  Emphatic Out

Basic Plate Mechanics
1.                  "Time"
2.                  “Play”
3.                  Give Count (3-0, 3-2)
4.                  Called Strike
5.                  Swinging Strike
6.                  Called Strike Three
7.                  Swinging Strike Three
8.                  Batter hit by pitch and awarded first
9.                  Ball
10.              Foul Tip
11.              Foul Ball
12.              Balk
13.              Foul ball hits batter
14.              Fair ball contacts batter
15.              Check Swing Appeal Called Ball
16.              Check Swing Appeal Called Ball on Third Strike
17.              Check Swing Strike on Swing
18.              Dropped Third Strike
19.              Catcher’s Interference
20.              Batter’s Interference
21.              Umpire’s Interference
22.              Communication
a.       Outs
b.      Rotating to third
c.       Staying home
d.      Infield fly
e.       Tag up, take to third

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