Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hot Internet Deals as of March 9, 2011

Modell's Sporting Goods is having a two day sale: 40% off your order and free shipping for orders over $49!

The most impressive deal is the Diamond iX3 DFM-UMP, which is only $45.00 with free shipping (after applying discount code MOD4TEN39)!


Anonymous said...

on thursday march 10 at 9 00 pm i went to buy the dimaond mask and went to the checkout and put the code in the box and was told the deal expired...i thought it was two day special...obviously it wasnt....remind me never to buy anything from this company again

Pete Reiser said...

Call Modell's direct at 1-866-835-9129 and tell them what happened. As you saw when you visited the site, the deal and code was prominently displayed on their website. I checked the code myself before posting it on Midwest Ump.

This may be a computer error, so Modell's ought to make this right for you. Let me know if they don't.


Anonymous said...

hi pete. i called modells and was told by a representative that his supervisor couldnt do much about my situation with the checkout telling me the deal had expired on thur march 10 at 9 pm. they offered me a eleven dollar discount making the mask 64 bucks instead of the advertised offer of 45. i decliined his offer and the rep asked me if i would like anything else. i told no thanks but i will not be buying anythiing from the. this was done politely on my behalf. i guess some companys dont honour their deals. thanks for giving me their number to call them regardless of the outcome to no avail..thanks again and i definetely will never buy anything from them and will tell all i know not to buy from them.being from canada not many have heard of modells . i hadnt before trying to purchase the diamond mask from ur hot internet deals aS OF MARCH 9 2011

Pete Reiser said...

Modells tells me that all orders "must be confirmed by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on March 10, 2011."

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter.I will tell u again. I called Modells on Thurs March 10th of this year at approx 9pm. Went to their checkout put the code u gave us and was told the deal had expired. Once again the date was Thurs March 10 at 9 pm. I have told my friends of my ordeal and i bet none will order from them and those that have in the pass will not..thanks Peter..remember at their checkout at 9pm Thur March 10they told me the deal had expired.I was three hours before midnight..They were not being truthful and didnt want to keep up to their deal on line

Pete Reiser said...

I'm sorry for your ordeal. The best current price I know of for the Diamond iX3 DFM-UMP in silver is from offered through for $57.59 with free shipping

I will keep my eyes open for other deals on the iX3 in the future.