Thursday, January 27, 2011

Comparing Weights of Hard Shell Chest Protectors

It occurred to me the other day that I had never weighed any chest protector during my reviews. That seemed a little strange and a gross oversight. Until I actually weighed the protectors, then it became obvious. Here is what I found:

Douglas 2lbs 9oz
Wilson Platinum 3lbs 3oz
Champro 2lbs 13oz
Schutt 2lbs 13oz
Wilson Gold 3lbs 2oz
Champion 2lbs 13oz

Three of the protectors (Schutt, Champro, and Champion) weigh exactly the same! The lightest is the Douglas. Surprising was the weight of the Wilson protectors. The difference between the Douglas and the Wilson Platinum is 10 ounces! Although I must say that I wore the Wilson Platinum as my primary protector for three years and never had a complaint about the weight.

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Darryl George said...

My Wilson Platnium weighs 3lb 7oz according to the scales at the post office. Like i have said the Playnmium is very good but too heavy and sweaty when hot and i reiterate not good good protection for the ribs for anybody over 5-10.Wilson should have offered the Platinum if 15inch version years ago and made it 6-7 ounceds lighter. In a couple of years it might be a dinosaur with all the new advancements in technology.Also, according to Baseball accounts less than half of major league umpires now wear any wilson chest protector