Thursday, January 6, 2011

ABUA Hall of Fame Umpires

Dick Runchey and Jason Klein recently provided a list of the ABUA Hall of Fame members:

1999 Gus Steiner
1999 Bud Schoephlin
1999 Hank Roundtree
1999 Tom Ravashiere
1999 Tony Patch
1999 Richard Alexander
1999 Ray Munari
2000 CJ Mitchell
2000 Alan Keen
2000 Curly Clement
2000 Doug Cossey
2000 Art Blair
2001 Louis Spry
2001 Anibal Rosario Rivera
2001 Bob Jones
2001 Dale Williams
2002 Al Alford
2002 Al Forman
2002 Riccardo Fraccari
2002 Brad Rumble
2002 Dick Runchey

With luck I may be able to post some biographical information or links regarding the members. I drafted one brief biography below.

There is some discussion about reviving the ABUA Hall of Fame and inducting new members. It is certainly a great honor and should be continued. Midwest Ump fully supports the ABUA and its Hall of Fame and hopes that it will be brought back to life in the near future.

Gus J. Steiner [dec.]
Inducted 1999

After losing his right arm in a truck accident at age 17, Steiner continued to play for his high school baseball team in Northampton , Pennsylvania. In 1954, at age 26, he began umpiring. His many accomplishments during his 46 year career include:

NCAA College World Series, 1970, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, 1985 and 1989
NCAA Regionals, 1962 to 1992
NAIA College World Series, 1979 and 1980
Pan-Am games in South American, 1967 and 1971
Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, 1984
World Games in Havana, Cuba
American Legion World Series, 1977

Steiner worked for the Southern Umpires Association, the Cape Cod League, the Alaska Central League, and the Atlantic College League. Steiner is a member of the Northampton County, College and Blue Mountain halls of fame. He was a member of the Bethlehem and the E.C.A.C. umpires associations.

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