Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review of Majestic Therma Base Umpire Jacket

Anyone who truly loves baseball has endured foul weather. We have all played, coached, umpired, or spectated in barely-bearable heat, cold, rain, or snow. Some of us (fortunates) have seen both 110 degree summer days and negative wind chill or ice storms during the same season.

We generally like to forget those games.

The Majestic Therma Base Umpire Jacket is engineered to help umpires battle the frigid cold. Despite the name, there is no mistake that the Majestic Therma Base Umpire Jacket is designed as an umpire coat, not a jacket. It has a fleece lining, and a dense polyester outer shell. It is advertised as water resistant (not water proof).

As an umpire jacket, the Therma Base does not have hand pockets. There is one pocket on the left chest that measures 5.75” deep. That is just enough room to fit my 5.5” long line-up card holder. The Therma Base does not have an interior pocket, something I intend to add with a visit to my local seamstress before the spring season.

The fit is very good. I wore this jacket around in the yard with temperatures in the 30's, and I found that it is very warm and comfortable. There is elastic ribbing around the bottom of the jacket for improved fit. The construction quality appears first-rate. Majestic uses a single running stitch on the exterior polyester, and stronger zig-zag stitching on the interior. (click on the picture at left for a closer view). Everything appears very clean and well-made. Since the Majestic Therma Base is sized to accommodate a CP, it is large through the chest (29" from mid-armpit to mid-armpit). It is recommended that you buy a size smaller if you desire a closer fit on the bases. I weighed the Therma Base Jacket at just under 2 pounds.

The Majestic Therma Base jacket was made for Major League Baseball umpires. Majestic (actually VF Licensed Sports Group) states that it uses the same design and technology as used in the MLB umpire jackets. It is available in navy with red and white stripes, and black with polo blue and white stripes. Majestic tells me that there is no current plans to offer this jacket with white stripes. That is a shame, because this is an excellent coat for working those bitterly cold early college games.

Jim Kirk from Ump-Attire sent me this jacket for review, and I highly recommend making your jacket purchase from Ump-Attire. Jim runs an efficient company. Ump-Attire's communication with the customer is outstanding and orders are filled quickly with lightning-quick delivery. They have a terrific return policy and prices that are at or below the competition - why would you go anywhere else?

The Majestic Therma Base Umpire Jacket is sold by Ump-Attire for $110.00.
***UPDATE*** as of 29DEC10 Ump-Attire is selling the Therma Base for $90

Fair or Foul?
The Majestic Therma Base Umpire Jacket coat is an excellent choice for any umpire working in cold temperatures. It is warm, comfortable, and its quality of construction is impressive. The Majestic Therma Base Umpire Jacket is absolutely fair.


Anonymous said...

FOUL!!!! Umpattire is WAY over priced. I bought mine from Anaconda Sports for 80 bucks with shipping. Pete, you usually post other places to purchase and other prices. I hope you have not turned into the Jim Kirk umpire reviews....

Pete Reiser said...

I do think highly of Ump-Attire. I'd like to see other on-line retailers provide the same level of service to and interest in the umpire community. That said, your comment is entirely "fair." Here is another site offering the Majestic Therma Base at a cheaper price:

Baseball Rampage offers the Therma Base for $89.99: http://www.baseballrampage.com/Baseball/Baseball-Clothing/4691/115/Majestic-Therma-Base-Umpire-Jacket.html?CAWELAID=688094888

Can you provide the link to Anaconda? I have been through their site and cannot find the Majestic listed.

Anonymous said...

Pete, I've actually come in contact with VF (Majestic) and via umpire-empire, trying to get them to produce this 'coat' with black inserts and white stripes. Mike, from VF, actually joined the forum and introduced himself. If he can justify the numbers, they can feasibly add this color combo for late 2011 or for the 2012 season.

Thanks for the review!
Jeff (Thunderheads)

Anonymous said...

Pete, the jackets are not on Anaconda's site. You have to call their team sales dept.

Capital City Cardinals said...

You can order it for $80 with free shipping at Baseball Savings.com . Here is the link to copy and paste:

I like ump-attire also but I'm very impressed with the speed of delivery, return policy and consistent suprisingly low price baseballsavings.com has.

Anonymous said...

Baseball Savings selling for $69.95 after their $10.00 off savings!