Friday, November 5, 2010

Hot Internet Deals - Ump-Attire's Moving Sale Blowout!

Ump-Attire has just announced a "moving sale," special deals on many of the best umpire equipment items on the market! Owner Jim Kirk tells me that there is a limited supply of certain sizes, so act quickly! Below are some of the outstanding deals:

Wilson 10" Dyna Lite Inner Deerskin Padding Umpire Mask (A3009X)

This mask is made of hollow core steel in a standard profile - very durable! It features a harness with MLB logo with pads made of PU leather outer and full grain inner. These are my personal pads of choice and the leather is very soft and comfortable. Sale priced at $42.99, this mask is a steal and highly recommended.

Diamond iX3 Umpire Shin Guards (DLGiX3)

These guards are a very, very good choice for umpires at any level. Diamond's iX3 line is battle-tested and proven. These shin guards have a floating lower knee cap for better flexibility and metal J-hooks that will not break off if struck by a foul ball (been there, done that!). Weighing only around 2 pounds the iX3 guards are a good combination of protection and comfort. At a sale price of $42.99, choosing these guards is a no-brainer.

Champro Pro-Plus Magnesium Umpire Mask (CM58)

Last year the Champro Pro-Plus Magnesium Umpire Mask won an U.M.P.Y. Award for best traditional mask. It is also my personal mask of choice. The Champro Pro-Plus is amazingly light at less than one pound with pads and harness, and currently the reigning champ as lightest mask on the market. The Champro Pro Plus Magnesium Umpire Mask is currently on sale for $74.99.

Wilson West Vest Platinum Umpire Chest Protector (A3215)

The Wilson Platinum Chest Protector is also discounted to $124.99. Ump-Attire is selling both the 12" and hard-to-find 10.75" models. The Wilson Platinum was also the 2009 U.M.P.Y. Award winner for best chest protector. Built like a tank, this protector is top of the line. This price beats any on-line price.

For more information and discounted items, visit Ump-Attire. Jim tells me that he has other special discounts planned during this off-season, so check back with Ump-Attire, Umpire-Empire, and Midwest Ump often for the best deals in umpire equipment.

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Jim Kirk said...

Thanks Pete for posting. Because of an earlier mistake, you can get $3 additional dollars off for the Diamond shin guards or Wilson mask by using code 3MFST42.

Added a few additional items today as well and will talk more about our upcoming move into larger digs about 7 miles away.