Monday, November 1, 2010

Great Umpire Calls during the Post-Season

Now that baseball's post-season is over, it is time to look back on the outstanding calls made by some of the best umpires in the major leagues in the world. Every post-season has its controversial calls and this year was no different. However, while there were close plays that, after viewing slow-motion video replay, were determined right, wrong, and inconclusive, there were also many calls in which these all-star umpires shined. While many blogs and reporters continue to hammer at the mistakes of MLB umpires, in many cases bemoaning impossibly close calls, Midwest Ump would like to highlight a few of the best umpire calls made this fall.

Game 1, ALCS
Umpire Gerry Davis Makes A Great Call at the Plate

In game one of the ALCS, the New York Yankee's C.C. Sabathia throws a wild pitch and labors to cover home as Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers attempts to score. As the ball, Cruz, and Sabathia all reach the plate at the same time, veteran umpire Gerry Davis takes an angle at first base extended and locks in to make the call. As you can see by the video replay, Sabathia's pitch was high and Davis was forced to clear left to avoid the catcher. The play was impossibly close, but Davis had the right call - "out!"

Game 2, World Series
Umpire Bill Miller Makes a Tough Call. . . the Right Call

During the first inning of game 2 of the World Series, the Rangers' second baseman Ian Kinsler makes a stop to his left of a Freddy Sanchez grounder. Kinsler throw to Mitch Moreland who is pulled towards right field to make the catch. First base umpire Bill Miller must decide whether Moreland gloves the ball before Sanchez reaches first, and whether Moreland is on the bag with the ball. The video replay shows that Bill Miller made the right call. . . "out!"

Game 4, NLDS
Umpire Ed Hickox Correctly Decides A Close Play

In the second inning of game four of the NLDS played by the Giants and Braves, the Giants attempt a double steal and Andres Torres is cut down at third base by Brian McCann . The video replay shows that the play is very close and umpire Ed Hickox makes an excellent call. . . "out!" You can see Hickox busting to get into position for the play, and his angle is terrific.


jerry said...

Great calls by the best in the business, but it's hard for me to listen to the commentators second guess the umpires and to sometimes declare them wrong. Who gives these guys license to make the calls? They all should pattern their careers after Vin Scully, a real pro, who rarely, if ever criticizes the umpires.

Anonymous said...

the ed hickox call at third looks like he was safe....from the angle in the video there is no way u can say for sure he was out..if anything he looks safe how u can say he made the right call with that video angle proof is mind boggling...lets face it..this years playoffs overall the umpires were brutal...strikes balls calls were terrible as proven by the cam

Rulebook Guru said...

the 3rd call was clearly correct. On the video take a look at the 0:35 mark. He is being tagged on the helmet and has not reached the base yet. 90% of the time that commentators 2nd guess they are proved wrong.
Anon sounds like a fan mad that his team had an early playoff exit. Lot easier to blame the Umpire then the team's lousy play I guess.