Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review of Diamond Deluxe Pro Umpire Equipment Gear Bag

There are many ways amateur umpires transport gear. To the chagrin of our wives or girlfriends, most of us keep our equipment in the car trunk and hang our uniforms in the window. Changing in the parking lot is commonplace, but sometimes there is the luxury of a changing room. For those times a rolling bag can be very useful to move gear.

In early April I received the Diamond Deluxe Pro Umpire Equipment Gear Bag (WHL DLX UMP 36 BAG) from the folks at Diamond to test and review. I have used the Diamond as my everyday equipment bag since April. After the college season it has mostly stayed in the back of my small SUV where its 36" length fits nicely into my 38" wide truck space. It has organized all of my gear in the back of my SUV and provided easy access. After packing the equipment bag, there is still tons of space. This is what is in my Diamond equipment bag:

Champro Pro Plus Magnesium Mask
Wilson Platinum Chest protector
Diamond Featherweight Umpire Shin Guards
Thorlo Combat Boot Socks
Nike Compression Pants
Under Armour Jock Strap
Nutty Buddy Cup
Two Black Belts
Two Ultimate Ball Bags from Ump-Attire
Two plate brushes
Three indicators
Three pens
Lineup Card Holder
CCA Manual
NFHS rulebook
NCAA rulebook
Extra shoe laces
Leatherman tool
Emergency sewing kit
Small shoe shine kit
Electrical tape
Small laundry bag for damp clothing
Cold weather mask, gloves
Under Armour Cold Gear L/S Undershirt
Bolle Sunglasses
Various Hats
Sports Stopwatch

After four months of use and well over 100 games, I am happy to report that I am very impressed with the thoughtful design of the Diamond Deluxe Pro Umpire Equipment Gear Bag. It is rugged and durable. The zippers are more substantial than my family's Samsonite and Travelpro luggage and glide smoothly. Each panel is well made and tightly constructed. During the college season this Diamond equipment bag was taken to many dressing rooms, bounced up and down stairs, and wheeled across hot pavement and gravel. The wheels still glide smoothly and silently. The 850 Denier polyester fabric has not ripped or stressed.

The Diamond Deluxe Pro Umpire Equipment Gear Bag has a main compartment for hats, ball bags, and clothing items. Diamond includes two velcro strips in the main compartment and three adjustable dividers to customize your storage. There are also eight interior pouches built into the top flap for storing indicators, brushes, pens, etc. The Diamond has a large 36" x 15" x 8" drop bottom for storing gear. The upper compartment bottom zips open to make one large compartment for extra room if needed. There is a large vented shoe compartment and a smaller compartment for winter gloves or travel information. Finally, an exterior side compartment is just the right size for the NCAA and NFHS rulebooks and CCA Manual.

The negatives: the Diamond Deluxe Pro Umpire Equipment Gear Bag will not stand up on its own. This drawback has been a continuing minor annoyance. The Diamond WHLDLX measures 36" x 15" x 16" and weighs 14 pounds. Most airlines limit checked baggage to 62 inches (length + width + height) and a maximum weight of 50 pounds, so this bag is a poor choice for airline travel at 67 linear inches. Southwest, for example, charges $50 for oversized items in excess of 62 inches but not more than 80. Diamond offers another bag that is more suited for airline travel. That bag measures 30" x 15" x 16" and includes a telescopic handle.

The Diamond Deluxe Pro Umpire Equipment Gear Bag is offered by several online retailers including:

Ump-Attire: $142.99

Anaconda Sports: $99.95

Baseball Rampage:$149.99 with free shipping

Epic Sports: $121.69

THE BOTTOM LINE is the Diamond Deluxe Pro Umpire Equipment Gear Bag is a top quality bag. Personally, since I prefer to hang my uniforms and transport them in a garment bag, this 36" bag is much more than I need. The 30" bag is the same width as the 36" model and will accommodate the wide Wilson Platinum CP without taking up extra space. If you need the extra room, the 36" model is fantastic. Otherwise, opt for the 30". Congratulations to Diamond Sports on producing an excellent umpire bag!


Warren said...


You mentioned the bag will not stand up on it's own. I have the 30" model and as long as I keep my shoes in the shoe compartment I don't have the problem.

I am a huge fan of my Diamond gear bag.


Pete Reiser said...


I have stuffed the shoe compartment and can't seem to get the darn thing to stand on its own! Maybe the added 6" makes the bag more top-heavy.


Anonymous said...

If the bag won't stand up on it's own, what bag is pictured in the online ads I've seen?