Friday, August 14, 2009

2010 NFHS Baseball Rules Changes

The National Federation of High Schools recently announced its 2010 rules changes. Among the rules changes:

* A change to Rule 1-3-2 regarding bat specifications. The change attempts to ensure that performances by non-wood bats are more comparable to those of wood bats. This is expected to minimize risk, improve play and increase teaching opportunities.

* A change to Rule 3-3-1 which applies to assistant coaches and their behavior during the game. Rule 3-3-1g6 prohibits any member of the coaching staff who is not the head coach from leaving "the vicinity of the dugout or coaching box to dispute a judgment call by an umpire." The penalty for this infraction is that both the head coach and the offending coach will be restricted to the dugout for the remainder of the game. If severe enough, the umpire also has the authority to eject the offending coach and/or the head coach.

* A change to Rule 7-4-1f was made which concerns instances when a batter will be declared out. The change reads that the batter is out if "any member of the offensive team or coach other than the runner interferes with a fielder who is attempting to field a foul fly ball." The addition of the phrase "other than the runner" clarifies the responsibility of the runner and that the runner - not the batter - will be declared out for the runner's interference.

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