Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gerry Davis Charcoal Gray Combo Pants

Continuing in the series of pants reviews, today I examine a pair of Gerry Davis Charcoal Gray Combo Pants. Special thanks to Mary at Gerry Davis for her assistance. Charcoal gray pants are optional this year for NFHS baseball umpires. Another HS umpire owns GD charcoal pants in my area, so I have been able to field test these pants during high school games.

Right out of the gate let me say that the folks at Gerry Davis have good taste. I was extremely impressed by the Gerry Davis Signature Shirt (made by Cliff Keen) which placed third in the overall rankings, but placed best in cooler weather. The Signature Shirt is a great looking shirt that has a quality feel to it. Therefore it is no surprise that the Gerry Davis Charcoal Gray Combo Pants have a similar quality feel and uses superior material.

Like many of you, maintaining a professional appearance matters a great deal to me. Combo pants tend to be a little baggy. However, the Gerry Davis combo pants, while roomy, are not overly baggy. I suffered no embarrassment wearing these pants on the field during high school contests. In fact, in one of the photos on this page I am wearing the very substantial Diamond iX3 shin guards. Can you tell which? Answer below.*

The fit (at least for my frame) for a pair of combo pants is fantastic! The seat and thigh area (where I am thick) is roomy and comfortable. The expansion waistband works great and expands to an extra 1.5". The pants feature a gripping waistband to keep your shirt tucked. The belt loops are large and positioned for ball bags.

The Gerry Davis combo pants feature saddle stitching to reinforce the seat area and prevent splitting. The pants are 100% polyester and feel a little "stretchy". I have washed and dried them a number of times and the pants look good as new with no signs of wear. Caring for these pants is a breeze: just wash in cold, tumble on low, then hang dry - no dry cleaning!

The polyester fabric does tend to snag on my shin guards. Additionally, the opening at the cuff is 21", but the knee is a roomy 26". Consequently I have difficulty getting the tapered pant legs over my (rather large) shin guards. However, once "geared up" I have no complaints whatsoever.

The bottom line (no pun intended) is the Gerry Davis Charcoal Gray Combo Pants are roomy, comfortable, and look great. A smaller shin guard is recommended for an easier time gearing up.

The Gerry Davis Charcoal Gray Combo Pants sell for $48.90 from Gerry Davis and are available in plate, combo, and base styles and even sizes 32 to 50. Are you hard to fit? Well, Gerry Davis also offers these pants in special order sizes for $84.90.

*The answer is: top picture without guards, bottom picture wearing guards.

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