Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mile High Advanced Umpire Clinic

From the Mile High Advanced Umpire Clinic June 17-21, 2009 in Denver, Colorado:

"The Mile High Advanced Umpire Clinic is the culmination of the Umpire Training, Evaluation and Promotion (UTEP) program and is used to develop and prepare motivated individuals for advancement to higher levels of Baseball officiating.

Our staff of highly trained and experienced Professional, Semi-pro and NCAA Collegiate clinicians tailor our program to the needs of each student. Students are taught the fundamentals of Plate mechanics, head height, positioning, proper use of eyes, working the "slot" and making the call. Video tapes of the students are reviewed and critiqued for additional reinforcement of the in-cage instructions.

The field portion of the clinic concentrates on 2 and 3 man mechanics and is reinforced with video instructions and immediate feedback from our qualified team of instructors.

The clinic is held in conjunction with live competitive baseball games designed to build confidence and knowledge in 2 and 3 man mechanics. This provides the opportunity to use the skills acquired in the instructional portion of the clinic during real game situations."

Cost is $175.00, but get this: they pay you for the games you officiate while at the clinic!

Students also receive a clinic t-shirt, clinic photo, and a certificate of completion signed by the clinicians and instructors.

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