Thursday, January 1, 2009

Umpire Teacher Website

A new online umpire training program is developing at

Umpire Teacher has posted several free videos on its website hosted by Mike "Bugsy" Segal. One features the late MLB Umpire John McSherry describing the strike zone - GOOD STUFF!!!

This website has a lot of potential and I applaud Mr. Segal and Umpire Teacher for posting free content on youtube and on their website.

2 comments: said...

Thanks a million Pete for taking note of! Very nice of you. It's all about "Real Time" Continuing Umpire Education. I want everybody to have a chance to learn to umpire the right way in case they can't get to a school. Or even if they can, you never stop learning. Thanks again and everybody check out Pete's equipment sales page, good stuff.
Pete, I'll get a link up on our site for your site! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

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