Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thorlo "Plate Socks"

Thorlo Combat Boot Overcalf Socks, $11.69 sold by

Without qualification I can say, "I love these socks!" Made from acrylic, stretch nylon, and spandex, these socks have high-density padding added at the heel, ball, and toe for extra protection against shock, impact, and steel-toe abrasion. The spandex holds the sock up top and prevents it from creeping down and bunching up. Since it is over the calf it protects against any irritation from my shin guards. This sock wicks away the perspiration and keeps your feet dry and comfortable all day. Even in 90+ degree heat I never think about my feet. I use these socks at the plate and on the bases and after hundreds of games I wear out before my Thorlos do (man, they should pay me for this endorsement!)

At the end of the day just toss them in the machine wash warm or cold and tumble dry low.

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