Thursday, October 30, 2008

Top 10 Umpire Gear

1. New Balance 450 Plate Shoes, $99.45 sold by - These shoes are fantastic. Great comfort and support and very light weight. Umpires I speak with are unanimous in their love for this plate shoe.

2. Wilson West Vest Platinum Chest Protector, $139.95 sold by - Honestly, baseball bounce off this chest protector like bullets off Superman's chest. Hard shell is absolutely the way to go.

3. Diamond Feather Weight Umpire Mask (DFM-UMP), $59.95 sold by - At one pound this mask is among the lightest on the market. Diamond makes a quality mask and the Quik-Dry pads are comfortable and dry. I have taken 90+ mph fastballs off my mask and not even suffered a headache. I highly recommend this mask.

4. Honig's Major League Shirt - Wear what the major league umpires wear. The price isn't much different from cheaper shirts, but the quality different is very evident.

5. Honig's Premium Poly Wool Slacks - Wear what the major league umpires wear.

6. Richardson Fitted Base or Plate Hats - Richardson hats are great hats at cheap prices.

7. Thorlos Plate Shoe Sock - padding at the ball and heel of the foot, and extra at the toe. These socks are also tall enough to protect from shin guard strap irritation.

8. Under Armour - Heat Gear and Cold Gear makes the umpire's life tolerable.

9. Wilson Shock FX Titanium Umpire Helmet (A5590) - for the umpire who has everything. This hockey helmet will actually save you money on plate hats. It also offers protection that a traditional mask cannot.

10. Dry-Lo Ball Bag - These ball bags are made from "water-safe" polyester fabric that will keep the balls dry. The bag is designed with a slight tapered edge to help keep baseballs in the bag while running.

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